Automotive Big Data ~ trends and challenges

Automotive Big Data ~ trends and challenges

Connectivity in the automotive industry opens various new ways how automakers can learn more about trends, user requirements and preferences of consumers. If the Big Data potentially available from connected cars can be collected and analyzed efficiently, all areas of the automotive industry, including fields such as After-Sales Services, Quality Control, Research & Development, can benefit and provide their customers with tailored vehicles and services that respond to their needs.

On 8-9 December, 2015, the international VDI conference “Automotive Big Data” in Frankfurt will bring together experts from all concerned industries to discuss case studies, address relevant issues and speak about strategies and approaches to automotive Big Data.

Addressing current challenges and exchanging strategic ideas

It is estimated that new cars today produce up to 5GB sensor data per hour – and this volume of data will likely increase even more with new developments and trends. Also, the type of data moves increasingly from only car-related information to data related to the drivers’ personal life, his preferences and private information.

Consequently, new opportunities, but also new challenges arise for the automotive industry and require addressing many questions, such as: Who does this data belong to? What precautions have to be taken to protect data from unauthorized access? How can Big Data be analyzed and used to improve services?

At the international conference on Automotive Big Data, experts from the automotive as well as IT industries get together to share their experiences and discuss how the automotive industry can face challenges and seize opportunities stemming from Big Data in the future.

Topics of the international Conference Automotive Big Data

For more details about the international VDI conference “Automotive Big Data” visit:http://www.vdi-wissensforum.de/en/nc/events/detailseite/event/01KO910015/Source: VDI

Legal Aspects to be taken into Account
Implications for IT Security and Data Protection
Challenges on Data Analysis and Management
Possibilities for Marketing and Insurance Purposes
Opportunities resulting from efficient Use of Big Data

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